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I offer both in-home and virtual training sessions, virtual education, enrichment sessions, socialization sessions for puppies, and

play groups for adult dogs.

I also offer pet loss support for those grieving a beloved pet. ​


All services can be scheduled here. 

After scheduling your first session, you can complete new client forms here.


Training sessions can be held in your own home or virtually. I use gentle training methods and  focus on empathy, education, and enrichment. Each pet will have a custom training plan that will help you reach your goals whether that be obedience, socialization, or solving a behavioral issue.

$85 virtual; $125 in-home

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Pet training can be overwhelming and difficult to access. Education sessions are made to fill that gap. Education sessions are a space where you can ask me any questions you have about your current or future pets. We can focus on anything from puppy socialization to that weird thing you saw on DogTok. These sessions will be held virtually.

$45 for 30 mins, $75 for 60 mins

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Enrichment Sessions

Enrichment sessions are held at the trainer's home. Sessions will expose your dog to new scents, textures, puzzles, games, and experiences. These sessions are great for dogs who struggles with anxiety, fear, aggression, or those dogs that just have some excess energy to burn!

$35 per session 

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Socialization Sessions and Play Groups

Socialization sessions are safe and age appropriate for puppies. Each puppy will get a report card after the session so you can keep track of their progress!
Play groups occur every Friday in the Ardmore area!

$20 -$60 per day; package deals available

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Pet Loss Support

Pet loss is a disenfranchised grief that is often not given the space it deserves. Pets mean more to us than they ever have before. With my previous experience in facilitating pet loss support groups, I can help guide you through the pain of pet loss and help you find ways to honor your pet moving forward. I provide structured grief education and support through a series of four individual sessions. 

$100 for 4 one hour support sessions

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